Check Imaging

No more waiting on the mail or traveling to the local branch for a check copy. Check imaging allows you to see the front and back image of a specific check online. This service is free just like E-statements.

  • Log-on to Member Connect
  • Click View Transactions
  • Find the check number
  • Click on Check With Image


  • Call the Contact Center at 888.732.8562
  • Or send a secure message through Member Connect


It's a free, faster way to monitor your balances. Why wait for your statement by mail? View it online!

This saves the credit union millions of dollars each year in processing, printing and postage—savings passed on to members in the form of lower loan rates and higher earned deposit dividend rates. E-statements are kept on the system for viewing 18 months.

If you no longer wish to receive monthly paper statements by mail, opt-out*. Available only online, Opt-out lets us know you no longer want paper statements. Log on to Member Connect to sign up.

*Note: When you opt-out you will no longer receive a printed copy of Aim magazine. The current edition and archive issues of Aim are always available online.

You can also access the past five years of your year-end documents when you log in to Member Connect. Look no further than the same section where you view your monthly statements to see images of the following year-end documents:

  • 1099-INT
  • 1099-Q
  • 1099-R
  • 1099-C
  • 1099-SA 1098
  • Credit Card Summary

All 1099 and 1098 documents should be available online by January 31 of each year; credit card summaries should be available online by the end of February every year. These documents are tied to the primary accountholder's social security number; Only primary accountholders will be able to view year-end documents.

Check and Statement Storage

LGFCU stores your checks and account statements for free.

Routine requests for copies of checks or account statements are also free. Excessive requests for copies cost $1.00. For questions, contact your local branch or the Contact Center toll-free at 888.732.8562 or locally at 919.857.2150.

In the event of an official tax audit, the Credit Union will provide you with all requested copies at no charge.

You also can print a copy of your checks or statements free if you sign up for Member Connect. These images are stored online for your convenience up to 18 months.

Enjoy the convenience of online banking and save a few trees!

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