E-statements and Paper Statements

Paperless E-statements let you monitor account details at a moment’s notice. E-statements are faster, easier and they help keep member costs low. Opt in today!

Go Paperless, save money

E-statements provide all the same information that paper statements do. Since there’s a significant reduction in cost (for paper, processing and postage), paperless statements help the Credit Union save millions of dollars each year—which then goes directly back to our members via lower loan rates, better dividends and improved product offerings. So E-statements save you money too! Watch our Go Paperless tutorial to get started.

The E-statement edge

There are many advantages to E-statements—better security, less impact on the environment, and improved organization of documents. Since these statements can only be accessed online via Member Connect, your information stays private and secure—reducing risk of identity theft or lost or stolen account data—while also remaining conveniently accessible to you.

Faster access to your information

E-statements allow you to view account details earlier than paper statements, and you can choose your statement cutoff date. Want to know when your electronic statement is ready? Sign up for Alert Notifications via Member Connect, and we’ll send a text to your mobile device when your statement is available.

Organize and control clutter

You can view your E-statements online for 18 months. (That’s a lot of savings in paper, ink and power). If you need to keep copies, just store them on your computer. Regardless, paperless statements speed up your accounting, reduce clutter and free you from the often-daunting task of document organization.

Tax-related documents and year-end statements

E-statements make organizing for tax time a little smoother. The primary account holder’s year-end documents are housed in Member Connect for up to five years. Since year-end documents are tied to the Social Security number of the primary account holder, only that individual can access them.

Prefer paper statements?

There may be times you need paper instead of an electronic statement. Traditional paper statements are still available. If you choose to continue with paper statements, consider the following options:

  • Combined statements - all accounts on one statement (availability depends on account ownership)
  • Braille statements (usually mailed on first weekend of the month)
  • Large-print statements (usually mailed on third weekend of the month)
  • Credit Card statements only (usually mailed within two days of the 20th of the month)
  • Year-end documents (available upon request)

Paper statements are sent monthly based on your ZIP code. Statement dates are subject to change at any time.

Next Steps

Sign up for E-statements and statement alerts; opt out of paper statements.