Paper calendar with payday circled and called out with a happy face.

Save more money

Using payroll deduction is a convenient way to start and maintain your savings goals. Saving this way is effective because you pay yourself first!

How it works

Deduct any amount from your paycheck to make payments on personal loans and mortgage loans. LGFCU Visa® Credit Cards are not eligible for Payroll Deduction payments. You also can have deductions deposited into Share, Money Market, IRA, Holiday Cash Club and Checking accounts. Deductions can be divided among as many eligible LGFCU accounts as you wish. If you would like to deposit your entire payroll check into an account, consider Direct Deposit.

Payroll Deduction is only available for members who work at participating employers. Check with your Human Resources office for eligibility.

Next Steps

Choose a way to request Payroll Deduction.