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0.40% APY


compound daily and are paid monthly

Minimum deposit to open


Grown-ups, read this:

FAT CAT® Accounts are LGFCU Share Accounts, built for kids from birth through age 12 and designed to help you teach them how to save and spend wisely. With a $5 minimum deposit and no withdrawals allowed until the account reaches a $25 balance, your kids or grandkids will learn the value of saving.

Just like your own Share Account, FAT CAT dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly after the $25 balance has been reached, and the funds are NCUA insured. You can also apply for a FAT CAT card, which gives the child in your life access to their money through CashPoints® ATMs and Member Connect. 

Additionally, we offer FAT CAT Group Term Life Insurance for our active account holders. Coverage of $1,000 is available for no cost, and an additional $9,000 of coverage is available for $18 annually.

Kids, read this:

Do you want a safe place to keep your allowance and birthday money? If your parent, grandparent, or legal guardian is an LGFCU member with an active Share Account, and if you are age 12 or younger, you can join LGFCU and open a FAT CAT Account! The more you feed it money, the bigger your account balance gets.

All you need to get started is your LGFCU grown-up and $5. Then visit a branch and ask for an LGFCU FAT CAT Account. Your account earns dividends, which is a little bit of money that we add to your account every month to reward you for saving. You can also take your money out and use it to buy things, like a bike or a trip or maybe those cookies you like, and share them with your family.

Ask a grown-up about the FAT CAT Account, and visit the FAT CAT website for games, coloring pages, stories and other fun activities. 


Account: The money that is yours, and is held for you by the Credit Union. Only you or the grown-up you listed on your account can put money in or take money out.

Dividend: The amount LGFCU adds to your FAT CAT account every month. Dividends help your money grow!

Balance: The amount of money you have at any one time in your account.


Next Steps

Choose a way to request your child's FAT CAT Account.

FAT CAT and Zard Group Term Life Insurance is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your Credit Union.