Membership elects 2 to the Board

LGFCU members participated in the 2024 Annual Meeting, held on March 22 in Durham.

At the meeting, members voted on motions and were invited to submit questions to President and Chief Executive Officer Dwayne Naylor. Board officers and committee chairs reported on LGFCU’s performance in 2023.

Naylor and the LGFCU leadership team spoke on the state of the Credit Union, celebrating its 40-plus years of success and growth. In 2023, LGFCU membership surpassed 403,000 people and assets grew to more than $4 billion.

Naylor also recognized the service of its Advisory Council, which has recently grown to include nearly 800 member-volunteers from across the state. 

“Our strength is in our field of membership and who we serve, and we continue to build together,” he said. “Our responsibility as a Credit Union is to emulate the servant leadership our North Carolina local governments demonstrate for their communities.

“By tapping into the strengths and talents of our membership, together we’ve created an extraordinary Credit Union that helps build the quality of life in North Carolina.”

Board members elected to serve

As part of the meeting, members voted to re-elect David Dear of Shelby and Lin Jones of Durham for three-year terms on the LGFCU Board of Directors.

Read more about LGFCU’s impact on members and communities in the 2023 LGFCU Annual Report.