Community Volunteer Membership

Volunteers are vital to our community, and to our Credit Union. That's why local government volunteers are eligible to join LGFCU!

We know our local government units and communities run smoothly because of the collaboration between employees and volunteers, so we offer membership to both groups.

"As soon as I realized I was eligible to join LGFCU, I signed up." Gordon J. from Wayne County

As soon as I realized I was eligible to join LGFCU, I signed up."

Gordon J. | Wayne County

Who is eligible to join?

You are eligible for LGFCU membership if you volunteer for:

  • Any North Carolina county government
  • Any North Carolina municipality (city, town or village)
  • Any North Carolina volunteer fire department
  • Certain hospitals 
  • Libraries
  • Housing authorities
  • Airport authorities
  • Transit authorities
  • Sanitary districts
  • Emergency Management Services (e.g., rescue and law enforcement)
  • Councils of Government
  • Local government associations 
  • Commissions (such as planning or economic development)
  • Parks and Recreation departments 

Get started

Start by asking your supervisor to sign the membership voucher, also found on the last page of the Volunteer Membership brochure. To join you'll need your signed voucher, a current driver's license or photo ID, your Social Security number and $25 to open your Share Account, in cash, check or via debit card from a current account at another financial institution.

Your Share Account is the foundation of your LGFCU membership. Visit a local branch or call 888.732.8562.

Once you're a member, you are always a member, regardless of your volunteer status. Simply maintain the minimum balance of $25 in your Share Account.

Next Steps