Cashier’s Check, Coin Sorter and Currency Exchange

Have a unique money need? Don’t worry – we can help! Just stop by your local branch.

Cashier's check

Cash isn’t always safe to carry around and a personal check may not be accepted by a business—that's where a cashier's check can make life a little easier. Cashier's checks are only $1. When the amount of the check issued is $500 or more, there is no cost to members. 

Coin sorter

Fat Cat Coin Sorters aren’t just for our Fat Cat members! All members are welcome to use the sorters to deposit or cash loose change without the hassle of wrapping coins. You’ll get to keep all of your change because there is no usage fee like most commercial coin sorter machines charge. Fat Cat Coin Sorters are available at all branches, and feature English and Spanish language options.

Foreign currency exchange

We can convert your dollars to foreign currency or vice versa. Because some currencies take longer to get than others, it’s recommended that all purchases of foreign currency be initiated 2 to 3 weeks prior to any departure to a foreign country.

Occasionally, ATMs in the airport of the country you are traveling to may offer more favorable conversion rates.

Next Steps

Visit your local branch to exchange currency, order a cashier’s check, or sort your coins.