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You can purchase a cashier’s check for just $1 at your local branch.

Also, use the coin sorter at no charge to convert your coins to cash.

Cashier's check

Cash isn’t always safe to carry around and a personal check may not be accepted by a business — that's where a cashier's check can make life a little easier. Unlike a regular check, the Credit Union guarantees payment of a cashier's check, not the check writer.

You can purchase a cashier’s check for just $1 in the branch. Payment can be made in full with cash, or using a combination of cash and account withdrawals, which can be combined to equal the amount of the cashier’s check. The cashier’s check fee is waived for each check of $500 or more. There’s no limit to the number of checks eligible for a waived fee.

Coin sorters 

All members are welcome to use coin sorters in the branch where you can convert your coins for cash at no charge. You can then deposit your money into your Credit Union account. You’ll get to keep the value of all your change because there is no usage fee for the sorter, unlike most commercial coin sorter machines. Coin sorters are available at all branches, and feature English and Spanish language options.

Foreign currency exchange

When traveling abroad, having local currency on hand can be helpful for tipping hotel service staff, paying at establishments with no card payment terminal, or avoiding international transaction fees.

The Credit Union can help you exchange U.S. dollars into foreign currency. We can order foreign paper bills for you to purchase, since branches do not carry non-U.S. currency. As an alternative, we can exchange foreign paper currency into U.S. dollars when requested. We do not order or accept foreign coins. Minimum required denomination values for exchange vary by currency.

Because some foreign currencies take longer to get than others, it’s recommended that you request all foreign currency purchases at the branch two to three weeks prior to your departure to a foreign country.

Note that at this time, the Credit Union may not be able to provide or accept all currencies. To determine which currencies are available, you can send us a secure message through Member Connect, call us at 888.732.8562 or contact your local branch to discuss how we can help.

Foreign currency exchange rates and fees

Exchanging currency at an airport or foreign ATM may be convenient, but could be costly due to fees and exchange rates.

We do not charge a processing fee to purchase or exchange foreign currency. However, exchange rates are determined by our third-party processor and do change daily. Rates are not guaranteed. Contact your local branch for additional details concerning fees and current exchange rates.

We do not give immediate monetary credit when exchanging foreign currency into U.S. dollars. Foreign currency purchase or exchange transactions can’t be completed over the phone or using Member Connect.

For more information on using your debit or credit card when traveling, see our Cardholder Travel Information page for more details.

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