Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee's primary duty is to inspect the Credit Union's records for accuracy, its assets for security, and its procedures for the proper handling and use of funds. The committee uses the services of a CPA and oversees clerical and auditing personnel hired by the committee to complete its audit responsibilities.

Committee members

  • Amy Bason - Raleigh
  • Ryan Draughn - Sanford
  • Emily Lucas - Wake Forest
  • Justin Merritt - Shelby
  • Shawn Purvis - Apex

Loan Review Committee

When a financial services officer denies a member's loan or credit card application, the member has the right to appeal the decision and ask for the Loan Review Committee (LRC) to review the action. This is one of the unique benefits that some credit unions offer to their members.

The LRC has the authority to uphold the original decision and deny the loan, or to decide to approve the loan. Each committee member serves a two-year term and is appointed by the LGFCU Board of Directors.

Committee members

  • Wilbert McAdoo – Efland, Committee chair
  • Jim Baker – Chapel Hill
  • Mike Eubank – Kill Devil Hills
  • Diana Harris – Cary
  • Nancy Held – Raleigh
  • Pam Hurdle – Hertford
  • Dale Johnson – Raleigh
  • Nancy Medlin – Garner
  • Charles Murray – Louisburg
  • Jean Stowers – Surf City
  • Sam Tingler – Holly Springs
  • Charles Weber – Washington State
  • Mark Williams – Wake Forest

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