Smiling family outside rental home.
6.996% APR 5-Year ARM 80% or Less LTV


Up to 80% of property's appraised value

Loan features

Whether you're ready to refinance a property you’re already renting out, or you want to purchase a smart real estate investment, LGFCU has a Rental Property Loan just for you. Please note that the maximum loan term is 15 years for rental property loans.

  • Up to 80% financing of the rental property’s appraised value is available for the purchase of a rental property or for a no cash-out refinance. The loan request is limited to 65% loan-to-value (LTV) for cash-out refinance. Cash-out refinance is defined as any funds that exceed the balances owed on the first and/or second mortgages being paid off, plus closing costs.
  • You may be eligible for an Adjustable Rate Mortgage or Fixed-Rate Mortgage, which are also subject to approval. Loan requests for greater than 90% LTV are limited to a maximum financing of $500,000. Taxes and insurance are not included in monthly payment estimates; actual monthly payment will be greater.
  • Rental property must be located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia or Tennessee.

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