Overdraft Transfer Service

Everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn't have to pay big bucks for yours.

When your checking account balance dips too low, we think you should be able to easily transfer funds you have in other accounts to keep it safe from overdraft. That's why we offer Overdraft Transfer Service for your checking account using any one of the following LGFCU accounts:

How it works

When you have Overdraft Transfer Service, a transfer will be made from one of these accounts into your checking account to keep it safe from overdraft fees, up to the entire available balance or amount of credit. Funds will be transferred in $50 increments from share and deposit accounts, Visa credit cards and open-end Signature Loans. Funds will be transferred in $500 increments from Home Equity Lines of Credit.

Overdraft transfers occur in whole dollar amounts, and there's a low 50-cent fee for each transfer.

We can help

If you're having trouble keeping a positive balance or enough funds to pay for the things you need, call or visit your local branch for help getting your finances back on the right track. 

Next Steps

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