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Using speech recognition technology, this service lets you verify deposits, make balance inquiries and check your credit limits, all through voice commands.

You can also check rates, and review year-to-date totals for the dividends you've earned on your deposit accounts and the interest you've paid on your loans.

The 24-Hour Voice Response Service lets you transfer funds between your Credit Union accounts, determine if specific transactions have cleared, confirm upcoming due dates for your loan payments, and process Real-Time Loan Advances.

What is a 3-digit voice response number? 

To use the Voice Response system you must have an LGFCU Visa® Debit Card and a Voice Response Personal Identification Number (PIN). This 3-digit number also allows you to enroll in Member Connect to access your accounts online.

If your phone number is already on file with the Credit Union, you'll just need to speak or enter the last four digits of your debit card number and your 3-digit PIN in order to use the Voice Response Service.

If you did not receive or choose a 3-digit PIN when you first opened your LGFCU accounts, call 888.732.8562 or visit your local branch to select one.

If you haven't provided your phone number to the Credit Union yet, you can do so through Member Connect.


Next Steps

Use the 24-hour Voice Response Service to check your accounts.