24-Hour Voice Response Service

If you just need to quickly check your accounts and only have access to a phone, try the automated 24-Hour Voice Response Service. Access your accounts day and night, 365 days a year from any location in the continental United States. Just call 800.328.4543.

Using a touch-tone telephone, you can call the 24-Hour Voice Response Service to quickly verify deposits, make a balance inquiry, transfer funds, determine if a specific check has cleared, check available credit limits and more for any of your LGFCU accounts.

What is a 3 digit voice response number? 

To use the Voice Response system you must have an LGFCU Visa® Check Card and a Voice Response Personal Identification Number (PIN). This 3-digit number also allows you to enroll in Member Connect to access your accounts online.

If you did not receive or choose a 3-digit PIN when you first opened your LGFCU accounts, call 888.732.8562 or visit your local branch to select one.

Next Steps

Use the 24-hour Voice Response Service to check your accounts.

  • Call 800.328.4543 or

  • In Raleigh call 919.839.5428