Open-End Signature Personal Loan

A flexible way to get the money you need right now — our personal line of credit is the solution.

Sometimes the things you need are just out of your financial reach. When that happens, you can trust our variable-rate Open-End Signature Personal Loan to help.

Think of it as a personal line of credit you can borrow from at any time. And unlike a HELOC, you don't need to own a home to get this line of credit.

Our rates are often lower than some high-interest, variable-rate loans found at other financial institutions. The annual percentage rate (APR) of this loan cannot increase by more than 1% each quarter over the previous quarter, and cannot exceed 18%.

You also might save money by consolidating and transferring your higher-rate debt to LGFCU. Try our Debt Consolidation personal loans calculator to compare.

Personal loan, online approval

There are no new forms to fill out when you want an advance on your loan; just use our Real-Time Loan Advance service. Plus, your Signature Loan can protect your LGFCU Checking Account if you choose to enroll the checking account in our Overdraft Transfer Service.

Open-End Signature Personal Loans are available for LGFCU members residing in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee.

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