Hand opening safety deposit box

A safe and confidential way to store your important items.

Box sizes range from 3x5 inches to 10x15 inches. All box sizes are not located in every branch. Typically annual fees range from $18 to $90 and are subject to change annually. Other benefits include:

  • Renewal fees conveniently drafted from your Checking, Money Market or Share accounts.
  • Private facilities for you to confidentially inspect your box contents.
  • Staff doesn’t have access to or know what is in your Safe Deposit Box.

The contents of your Safe Deposit Box are not insured by your Credit Union or NCUA. We recommend obtaining insurance for any stored valuables in your box through Homeowner's Insurance.

Next Steps

Keep your precious items and documents safer!

  • Contact your local branch for box availability.
  • Check with your insurance agent about how to insure the contents of your box.