LGFCU members receive a discount on this tax preparation software.

TurboTax® products are the perfect solution for maximizing tax savings and getting your refund fast.

Get a member discount on federal filing software!

When it comes to tax prep, one size does not fit all. TurboTax® is up for the challenge of your unique tax situation, whether it's crypto, side gigs, or anything in between. LGFCU is proud to offer our members up to 20% off TurboTax, America’s #1 tax preparation provider.

Gather the forms you need when you’re ready to file

Along with your W-2, you’ll need additional tax-related forms and documents to complete your state and federal returns. Year-end tax documents from LGFCU include 1099-C, 1099-INT, 1099-Q, 1099-R, 1099-S, and Credit Card Annual Activity Summary, which are all available to you in Member Connect on or before January 31. Likewise, these forms are mailed to you by the end of January.

Take advantage of e-filing

With TurboTax you pay only when you're ready to print or electronically file your return. E-filing is included at no extra charge. It's an easy and secure way to file — not to mention the quickest way to get your refund. 

Deposit your tax refund into an LGFCU account

If you’re getting a refund, get it faster and let it make more money for you! Have the IRS automatically deposit it into your Money Market Share Account or Share Savings Account and enjoy the benefits of building a rainy day fund with compounding interest.

To set up Direct Deposit you’ll need:

  • The LGFCU Routing Number – 253184537.
  • Your account number; this number is shown in Member Connect and on your printed monthly statement.

Next Steps

TurboTax is accessible year-round, 24/7 for taxes, tracking donations and more.

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