Switch to LGFCU Checking

At LGFCU, you’re a member and an owner, and it’s our mission to improve your life. Let us do that with a convenient, affordable checking account.

Your checking account is an important part of your life. It’s often where you deposit your paycheck, pay your bills from, and keep money you need to access quickly for gas, groceries and life’s necessities. Move your checking account to LGFCU and enjoy the convenience of online access, friendly in-branch service and an affordable $1 per month maintenance fee. Plus, you’ll earn dividends on your balance!

Switching bank accounts is one of the best things you can do for your money and your peace of mind. Follow these three steps to get started and make the move to LGFCU.

Step 1: Open

Once you’ve joined LGFCU and opened a Share Account, you can apply for our Checking Account in any branch, or by logging in to Member Connect. On a smartphone use the “View Full Website” option. Select the “Services” tab and choose “New Account Request” then under the “Deposit Accounts” drop-down, select the “Dividend-bearing Checking Account” option. If you haven’t yet, you can enroll in Member Connect online.

Step 2: Move

1. Move your direct deposit(s)

If you use direct deposit for your paycheck, stop by your human resources or personnel department to update your information. If you receive another type of income directly deposited into a bank account such as a Social Security or retirement check, contact the organization directly to get the form you need.

Next, reassign your direct deposit to the LGFCU Checking Account. You’ll need the routing number and your account number to complete the form. The routing number is 253184537. These nine numbers are shown at the bottom of LGFCU.org or on the bottom left corner of your new checks or deposit slip.

Your account number is shown first when you’re logged in Member Connect and on your paper statement. If you opt to order checks, the 11 digits following the routing number is your account number. Rerouting could take one or two pay cycles and may require you to accept a printed check from your employer or other income source in the meantime.

2. Calculate the balance in your old account

Using your last statement or online account, start looking for items that haven’t yet cleared or are scheduled to be deducted. These may be bill payments, uncashed checks, something you swiped on your debit card or bought online. Then, make sure to leave enough money to cover those items in that account. You don’t want to rack up overdraft bank fees!

3. Transfer payments into your new LGFCU Checking

List all of your recurring transactions such as online bill payments through the bank, automatic drafts from companies, debit or credit card preauthorized transactions, internal account transfers (e.g. a scheduled transfer from a checking account to a money market account or savings) or additional direct deposits. Don’t forget any quarterly draft payments you may have set up. They’re very easy to miss.

Before you start transferring these payments, make certain you’ve already put money into your LGFCU Checking Account. You probably can complete transferring many of your transactions online at each company’s website or by calling each directly. If needed, Credit Union staff can help with this, too. Call us toll free at 888.732.8562. You also may want to go ahead and set up your recurring payments in the LGFCU account with our BillPay service.

Step 3: Close

1. Follow up with your old bank

Make sure everything has cleared the old account and that all your automatic transactions are scheduled correctly with the LGFCU Checking Account.

2. Close the old account

When all outstanding items have cleared and all scheduled transactions are moved, you’re ready to close the old account.

Next Steps

Keep making moves! Find other LGFCU products and services to help you take control of your finances.

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