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No fee at 1,000 CashPoints® ATMs

Your LGFCU Visa® Debit Card opens a world of possibilities. Debit money directly from your dividend-earning LGFCU Checking Account. Then keep track of your transactions using Member Connect or the LGFCU Mobile App.

Your Visa Debit Card at a glance
Make contactless payments or use with digital wallets.
Make transactions at CashPoints© ATMs statewide.
Accepted worldwide at Visa merchants, national Interlink® and Maestro® merchants.
PIN entry for debit purchases or signature for credit purchases.
Monitor activity with alerts including irregular card activity.
Round-the-clock fraud monitoring.
Each member sharing a checking account gets a card with their own name.
$4,000 daily purchase limit, including any cash withdrawals.
$1,000 maximum daily cash withdrawal limit.

How do I activate my LGFCU debit card?

Activating your card is easy! Call 866.322.2377 and follow the prompts or complete a PIN-based transaction at any CashPoints® ATM. You can’t use your debit card until it’s activated.

Activating your LGFCU Visa Debit Card? Call us at 866.322.2377 to activate your card. You'll be prompted by an automated voice response system to enter your information for activation. Follow the prompts to activate your card.

You can also visit any CashPoints ATM and complete a transaction that requires a PIN entry. If you need help finding the nearest CashPoints ATM, visit

Once at the ATM, simply insert your new LGFCU Visa Debit Card and request a transaction that requires a PIN entry. Then follow the on-screen prompts to activate your card. After your card is activated, you can choose your way to pay. Use it online at your favorite merchants or in person. Tap to pay for contactless payment. Link it to your mobile wallet or insert it anywhere Visa is accepted. If you have any questions, we're always here to help. Call us at 888.732.8562.

Online, mobile and contactless payments

Enjoy faster, safer checkout options. Adding your debit card to your smartphone’s digital wallet is a secure way to make purchases in-store, online, in-app and at merchants who accept mobile payments. Message and data rates may apply.

You can also use the contactless “tap to pay” feature of your debit card for easy payments in seconds. Look for the contactless symbol contactless symbol on your card and on the store’s checkout terminal. Then, bring your card within 1-2 inches of the terminal’s contactless symbol to make your payment.

Call 888.732.8562 or your local branch immediately to report a lost or stolen LGFCU debit card.

Security for your debit card

It’s all in the chip. Your LGFCU debit card comes with an EMV chip that keeps your card number encrypted throughout transactions and allows for the contactless “tap to pay” option at checkout terminals that accept the contactless payment option.

Peace of mind. You can also add your photo to your debit card for additional security. Stop by your local branch to have this optional feature added.

$0 liability. Your card comes with no liability for any unauthorized (fraudulent) signature-based purchase transactions, including those made online, when you report this fraud in a timely manner.

If you believe your card and PIN are lost or stolen, contact us right away at 888.732.8562. If you notify us within two business days, your liability will not exceed $50 if someone uses your card and PIN without your permission.

Enjoy even more protection while shopping online knowing Visa Secure is working behind the scenes for you. Get detailed information about safety while using ATMs or while traveling overseas

Other LGFCU cards

If you’re interested in a card not associated with a traditional checking account that is similar to a pre-paid debit card without the associated high fees, discover our CashPoints® Global alternative.

Next Steps

Use your LGFCU Visa Debit Card anytime you make a purchase or a payment.