One way LGFCU advocates for members is to partner with organizations dedicated to advancing credit unions. We also support federal and state legislation and policies that positively affect your finances. Occasionally we ask members to participate by contacting lawmakers on credit union-related legislation.

Plan for Better Communities

As a member of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), which advocates for credit union members, LGFCU supports CUNA’s Plan for Better Communities. The principles of this plan align closely with our mission, “to improve the lives of our members” and our commitment to giving back to communities.

This plan focuses on the challenge of ensuring economic prosperity and fairness for everyone. It addresses systematic socioeconomic disparities and inequalities found in communities by:

  • Providing affordable financial services to more Americans, no matter where they live — especially for underserved and diverse communities in rural and urban areas.
  • Protecting families from predatory lenders by providing low-interest and responsible short-term loans when hit with unexpected medical debt, surprise medical billing, job loss, or other emergencies.
  • Helping more Americans achieve the American dream of owning a home with access to easy and lower-cost home loans.
  • Assisting working families in sending their children to college via lower-cost student loans.
  • Ensuring their members’ personal financial data is secure and their privacy is protected against hackers and other bad actors.
  • Investing more in the local communities they serve, growing the local economy by expanding small businesses loans, and empowering job growth.
  • Ensuring that all Americans have access to a not-for-profit cooperative choice when it comes to their families’ financial futures.

Stronger credit unions make stronger communities

Take a look at the difference credit unions are making to members all across North Carolina. Discover more information and read the stories of Credit Union members who are working on solutions and initiatives to tackle these challenges. Visit Credit Unions: Advancing communities one person at a time.

Next Steps

Get involved! Here’s how you can help move state and federal lawmakers forward in supporting
credit union advocacy and legislative initiatives.

  • Join us in taking action.
  • Email us for more information on LGFCU's credit union advocacy.