LGFCU Firefighers' Debit Card on a table at a coffeeshop.

Exclusive to NCSFA

LGFCU donation

50% of its share of net merchant fees to NCSFA

The NCSFA Visa® Debit Card is created to help generate funds for the people who serve and improve our communities. It’s LGFCU's way of supporting the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association (NCSFA).

YOU COULD WIN $3,000. Use your LGFCU NCSFA Visa Debit Card and swipe for your chance to win!

It's easy to enter the Swipe it Rich Giveaway!

You're automatically entered to win when you make qualifying purchases, so swipe away!

  • From June 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024, you can easily earn entries to the "Swipe It Rich Giveaway" when you use your NCSFA Visa Debit Card like you normally do.
  • Each time you make a qualifying purchase of $5 or more during the following periods, you’ll be entered to win:
    • June – August, with an August drawing
    • September – November, with a November drawing
    • The month of December, with a final drawing on December 31
  • There will be a total of three winners — one from each of the three giveaway periods from June to December — but you can only win once.

Could 2024 be your year to swipe it rich?! Let’s find out. Get swiping!

View “Swipe it Rich Giveaway” official rules.

How your card helps NCSFA

Each time you use your NCSFA debit card, LGFCU donates 50% of its share of net merchant fees directly to programs sponsored by NCSFA. This provides the NCSFA with extra money for training, health insurance, pension, disability income and scholarships to fund the programs that support firefighters and their families.

Fee breakdown



Nonprofit fire stations are eligible for dedicated cards to use for gas, food or other station needs. There are many ways you can generate funds for the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association, just by making everyday purchases!

More about the NCSFA Visa Debit Card

Just like our basic LGFCU debit card, your card includes a dividend-earning LGFCU Checking Account with no minimum balance and a low monthly maintenance fee of just $1. Easily track your purchases with Member Connect or the LGFCU Mobile App.

Your card also comes with: 

  • Contactless “tap to pay” and digital wallets usage
  • Access to CashPoints® ATMs statewide
  • Acceptance wherever the Visa logo is displayed worldwide
  • $4,000 daily purchase limit, including any cash withdrawal
  • $1,000 maximum daily cash withdrawal limit

Your maximum cash withdrawal limit is part of your daily purchase. For example, if you withdraw $500, you now have $3,500 available for purchases that day.

Need to activate your debit card?

Call 866.322.2377 and follow the prompts or complete a PIN-based transaction at any CashPoints ATM. You can’t use your debit card until it’s activated.

Call 888.732.8562 immediately to report a lost or stolen LGFCU debit card.

Relax, we’ve got this!

You can be confident we’re helping you keep your card safe with these protections:

  • Round-the-clock fraud monitoring
  • EMV chip card number encryption
  • Visa Secure working behind the scenes
  • $0 liability for unauthorized transactions, including those made online, when you report this fraud as soon as you notice it. If you contact us within two business days, your liability will not exceed $50 if someone uses your card and PIN without your permission.

You can also set up alerts for your NCSFA debit card in Member Connect so you’ll always know what’s happening with it.

Next Steps

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