NC Shred Events near you

Shred Event / Recycle Electronics Event

LGFCU and Civic partner with cities, towns and counties across North Carolina to host free community shred events and electronics recycling events. It’s one of the simplest ways you can protect your personal records from thieves.

No Shred Events scheduled

While we have no events right now, you can count on LGFCU to bring you future special events and the programs you need to improve your finances.

Throughout the year we host free Shred Events and an Annual Meeting for members, take part in events that honor first responders, and offer the Real Deal program for teens — just to name a few! Find out more about the difference we’re making across North Carolina.

What can I bring?

For shred events, typically each attendee can bring up to three boxes or 75 pounds of paper documents for shredding. Bring your confidential and personal documents containing Social Security numbers, account numbers, birthdates, passwords or PINs, signatures, addresses or phone numbers.

For electronics recycling (e-waste) events, we accept any and all telecommunications, household electronics, networking and computer equipment. We do not accept household appliances, batteries, or any type of used medical device.

Call the event hotline at 888.242.0334 for more information.