Advisory Council

Since its beginning, volunteers have played a crucial role in the success of LGFCU. To serve all of our members across the state, we rely on the Advisory Council to be the liaison between existing and potential Credit Union members and LGFCU management.

Who makes up the Advisory Council?

Current LGFCU members in good standing, who believe in serving their communities, are eligible to join the Advisory Council. "Good standing" means members who are not overdrawn on LGFCU Checking or Share Accounts and who have not defaulted on LGFCU loans; UTMA Accounts do not qualify. They’re advocates who support their Credit Union by serving as ambassadors to potential members and a source of information to existing members.

What does the council do?

Advisory Council volunteers share information about new financial products, services and delivery methods to members and potential members. Council members also work closely with the Volunteer Development Team, communicating by phone, email and through a blog created exclusively for LGFCU Advisory Council members.

Advisory Council members:

  • Are advocates for the Credit Union, and support the credit union movement.
  • Serve as ambassadors to potential members, encouraging eligible participants to join.
  • Participate in surveys and provide feedback to Credit Union leaders on how the Credit Union is meeting member needs.
  • Offer recommendations and concerns about products, services, policies and operational activities to their assigned Membership Development Officer and/or the Volunteer Development Team.
  • Attend council meetings, including three yearly regional meetings and one annual meeting held in Raleigh.
  • Distribute Credit Union materials and information about new products, services and promotions to members and potential members.

How can you help?

We’d love to add your voice to the Advisory Council. Over the years, these volunteers have played a key role in helping us improve our products and services, and in educating potential members about the benefits of LGFCU.

Next Steps

Contact the Volunteer Development Team to find out more about joining the LGFCU Advisory Council.