Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit and get quick, convenient access to your paycheck. 

Direct Deposit ensures your income goes directly to your Checking Account or Share Account quickly and easily. Save yourself a trip to the branch and eliminate the wait for checks in the mail or worry of carrying your check with you.

A variety of income payments can be directly deposited:

  • Payroll (check with your employer) 
  • Social Security
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Disability Benefits
  • U.S. Military Forces Retirement
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Administration Compensation
  • Pension 

Get started today

To begin your Direct Deposit request, you’ll need your Checking or Share account number and the LGFCU routing number, which is 253184537. Next, you'll need the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Checking account numbers can be up to 8 digits; leading zeroes are not required. Checking account numbers, as they appear on physical checks, include a prefix of “011” which is not necessary to process electronic transactions and is only used when processing physical checks. 

Share account numbers must be 9 digits, including any necessary leading zeroes. Do not include the institution number (sample: 000123456).

Most payroll or human resources departments manage Direct Deposit for their employees, including local government offices and private companies.

Federal government pay and benefits

If you receive payroll or benefits from the federal government, including military pay, Social Security, payments from the VA and more, you will need to download and complete form SF1199A. Your local branch can help you fill out the form and send it to the appropriate office. 

Next Steps

Choose a way to request your direct deposit and put money in your account instantly.