Hands opening envelope with a paycheck.

Your income goes straight into your LGFCU account, for faster access to your money.

Direct Deposit ensures your income goes directly to your Checking Account or Share Account quickly and easily. Save yourself a trip to the branch and eliminate the wait for checks in the mail or the worry of carrying your check with you. You can set your pay and walk away.

A variety of income payments can be directly deposited:

  • Payroll (check with your employer) 
  • Social Security
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Disability Benefits
  • U.S. Military Forces Retirement
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Administration Compensation
  • Pension 

Get paid a day early

Don't wait for payday. When you enroll in Direct Deposit with LGFCU, your funds could be available up to one day early based on when we receive deposit information. LGFCU Checking, CashPoints® Global, Share, and Money Market Share accounts that receive direct deposits are automatically included in this service. 

Early Direct Deposit does not change the effective date of your deposit or dividend calculations and does not change scheduled funds transfer dates. Early Direct Deposit is not guaranteed. 

See how you can enroll

There are various processes for establishing or making changes to your Direct Deposit, depending on the source of funds. To begin your enrollment, you will need to access the LGFCU routing number, which is 253184537, and your LGFCU Checking or Savings Account number. This account number is located on the Member Connect home screen and shown on the lower left on your checks. Keep reading to learn more about establishing Direct Deposit based on your employment status.

Local and state government employees and private businesses employees: Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and contact your employer's human resources or payroll department to start or update Direct Deposit.

If you’re a retiree, you should enroll in Direct Deposit online by visiting the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer to complete the online retirement application through their automated payment system, ORBIT. You can also complete the State Treasurer Form RET-170  and mail it to:

Department of State Treasurer
Retirement System Division
3200 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27604

Federal government employees, including military, should fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and contact their employer’s payroll or human resources department to initiate or make changes to direct deposit.

Employees can also complete sections 1 and 2 of U.S. Treasury Form 1199-A. Section 3 of the form must be completed in person at a local Credit Union branch before submitting the form to your employer's payroll office.

Members who receive federal benefits typically must set up an electronic payment option when they apply to receive their funds.

If you are already receiving benefit payments and want to make changes to your direct deposit, visit the U.S. Treasury Department’s GoDirect for more information and resources.

Accessing your funds

Once you are enrolled in Direct Deposit with LGFCU, your funds are available in your selected Checking or Share Account as soon as they’ve been processed. From there, you can schedule your bills to be paid, money to be moved, and funds to be saved. It all starts with Direct Deposit!

Keep up with your Direct Deposit payments in the LGFCU Mobile App and access your funds right when they reach your account.

Next Steps

Put your money in your LGFCU Checking Account instantly with Direct Deposit!

Direct Deposit of payroll checks or other funds is subject to employer or fund administrator’s participation.