Recovery Assistance

There are times when things don’t always go as expected, but the way we manage those challenges says a lot about who we are. 

When it comes to member accounts with the Credit Union, no one wants the situation to advance towards collections. Even if it does, LGFCU wants you to know there is a way out. In fact, LGFCU Recovery Assistance was created to work with each member to help restore their good standing with the Credit Union.

Working together 

Having bad credit can greatly impact your ability to make purchases, get a job or even rent an apartment. And, if your LGFCU account is “inactive” due to outstanding debt, that status will restrict access to additional LGFCU benefits and services.

Our qualified LGFCU Recovery Specialists will work with you to develop a payment plan to pay off your LGFCU debt or work out a settlement agreement. Once your account becomes “active” again and you’re considered to be a member in good standing, LGFCU can provide free financial counseling and resources designed to help you stay on track.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Recovery Specialists at 844.256.2272

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  • Abdul Pippen

Next Steps

Work with LGFCU Recovery Assistance today to begin the process of paying off your debt.

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