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$20 to $500


$2 per card in-branch, or $3.50 via Member Connect

Alert: Due to a system processing issue with our gift card service provider, the gift card sales and the Gift Card Manager website are temporarily unavailable. For assistance with gift card disputes or balance and transaction inquiries, please call toll-free 1-866.902.6082. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

LGFCU has Visa® Gift Cards available for purchase online or at your local branch through our partnership with SECU.

Use like a credit card or debit card

Although this isn’t a credit card, these gift cards are used in a similar way. Choose “credit” when making purchases and the amount will be deducted from the card. Also, once you’ve activated your card and obtained a PIN, you can use it like a debit card when making a purchase at most participating U.S. or international merchants that accept Visa cards and magnetic stripe transactions.

ATM withdrawals, cash advances or cash back are not permitted with this gift card. The card cannot be used for car rentals, cruise line purchases, or to pay for gas at the pump. You can, however, use your gift card to pay a gas station clerk inside the store.

Your gift card expires on the last day of the month displayed on the card. No additional funds can be added. If you haven’t used your gift card in 12 consecutive months, you’ll be charged a $1 fee per month until you resume using your card, or its funds run out.

Visa Gift Card highlights

  • Amounts available from $20 to $500.
  • Make purchases nearly anywhere Visa cards are accepted, online, by phone or in person.
  • Cards are available in seasonal and holiday themes.
  • Each card will be embossed with "A Gift For You."
  • A matching card sleeve is provided with each card.

Check your balance

You can obtain a PIN by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card. But to check your balance and transaction history, you’ll need to activate and register your card online through the Gift Card Manager.

It’s also important to register your gift card in case it gets lost or stolen, or to dispute an unauthorized transaction. Please refer to the Visa Gift Card Cardholder Agreement for more information.

Buy on Member Connect or at your local branch

Order your gift cards online using Member Connect. Log in, select the Services tab and click Visa Gift Card under the Order section. Cards purchased online cost $3.50 each and are mailed to your address on file. Gift cards are also available in all branches for $2 per card. Additional fees may apply. See the Visa Gift Card Cardholder Agreement for more information.

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