Protect Yourself Online

While we work hard to keep you safe when you’re on our site, it’s important for you to know how to protect your money and yourself online. 

Accessing your accounts online

Before you log in to Member Connect look for a closed padlock on your browser window and verify that you are on the LGFCU site, both indicators that you have a secure and authentic connection. Never access Member Connect over an unsecured wireless network such as public Wi-Fi or a home network that isn’t password protected. Avoid using Member Connect on public computers. But, if you must, always log out of your session and then close the browser.

To send personal or account information to the Credit Union, only use secure email after logging in to Member Connect.

Beware of scams

Phishing, vishing and smishing may sound like funny words, but they’re serious business. These are scams using email, phone calls or text messages that appear to be from LGFCU, asking for personal account or other confidential information.

IMPORTANT: No financial institution, including LGFCU, will ever ask you to provide or confirm account or other confidential or personal information via email, text, social media or automated phone calls.

Examples of things to look out for:

  • A request for your account number, Social Security number, PIN or other confidential information via email.
  • Claims that your account may be closed if you fail to confirm, verify or authenticate your personal information.
  • A message stating that LGFCU needs to confirm your personal information to conduct upgrades to its system, or a request to update your information online.
  • A message asking you to complete a brief customer service survey in exchange for a monetary credit to your account. The thief will ask for your account number to allegedly deposit your "reward."
  • Email with typos and grammatical errors, sloppy writing and unprofessional design.
  • An automated call or voicemail "Your ATM/debit card has been suspended because it has been accessed by a third party," or a call from “Account Services.”
  • Any alert from LGFCU that you have not signed up for.

If you receive anything like this, do not respond. Make a note of what the scam is, call the Credit Union at 888.732.8562 and then delete the scam message. If you have already responded to a scammer, call us immediately to cancel your card.

Next Steps

If you have questions about security or want to report a scam: