Stay safe: October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

September 28, 2018
Cyber Security

Join LGFCU in October as we recognize National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and share ways to help you keep the smart devices in your home — everything from your smart speaker to your refrigerator — secure every day.

“We want members to keep the smart devices in their home secure not just in October, but every month of the year,” said Terry Phelps, Senior Vice President, Managed Information Systems at LGFCU. “Every step we take to keep our internet-connected devices secure in our homes can make their use that much more efficient and enjoyable, knowing we’ve taken precautions to keep cybercriminals away.”

Everyday activities

Each day you perform routine activities with your home’s smart devices like programming your coffee maker, using a smart speaker to place online orders, and adjusting your home thermostat remotely. But criminals like them too, since they store a lot of your personal data.

The growing amount of data, devices and connections potentially brings a new set of online security threats. As a result, securing your devices is a good first step in staying protected in the many ways you connect. Remember that data fees may apply if you’re not using Wi-Fi, so check with your service provider.

Stay informed throughout the month

The 15th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an effort devoted to helping you understand the role you play in helping to safeguard the internet and the devices that connect to it.

Throughout the month, we’ll share tips and tools in Aim magazine, in articles on this website and on social media to remind you of our shared responsibility and how you can help support this collective mission. To kick off the month, read more about how to Keep devices secure anytime, anywhere.

Your Credit Union is a 2018 NCSAM Champion, joining a global effort to promote online and device safety awareness. Join our conversations about online security on Facebook and Twitter using #CyberAware.

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