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The connection between our online and offline lives is nearly invisible. In these tech-fueled times, our homes, communities, businesses and more are connected to the internet.

Join LGFCU this October as we recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month and share ways to combine our efforts to protect our online world.

"In our digital lives we may face any number of issues and challenges, from cybercrime to teaching children to use the internet safely, securely and responsibly, and doing so ourselves," said Zack Hibbard, Vice President, Information Security and Enterprise Architecture at LGFCU.

"Doing your part to improve your own cyber security will not just help to protect you and your family, but also those you connect with."

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Held annually, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an effort to help you “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” If we all work together — applying stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating our friends, family and colleagues — our interconnected world could be safer and more resilient for everyone.

If you connect it, protect it. All month we’ll share tips on this website and on social media to remind you how you can lock down the best ways to secure and protect your data, your devices and the online world we all share.

Your Credit Union is looking out for your money and information. We are a 2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, joining a global effort to promote online security and device safety awareness. Join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter using #BeCyberSmart.

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