We use a lot of complex technology with multi-layered security controls to protect you at every account access point. But we’ll keep it simple in telling you the details.

Securing your online banking

When you use Member Connect for online banking, your user identity is confirmed at log in. Here’s how this happens:

  • We require you to create a unique user ID and password that uses a combination of letters and numbers to log into your accounts.
  • We may also ask a series of security questions. You provided answers to these questions when you joined the Credit Union.
  • We store computer or mobile device identifiers that come to us naturally when you access our site. We use this data for additional authentication.
  • We also allow you to set up one-time passwords (codes sent via SMS to your mobile device) for high-risk transactions. 

The Credit Union provides the Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check) security feature for your added online protection. ID Check verifies your user identity when you sign on, to help ensure the privacy and security of your personal and account information. 

If certain identification criteria, such as your location or browser, don't match your previous login information, you may be prompted to provide additional authentication before gaining access to your online accounts.

All online sessions are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. Whether browsing through pages on our website or logging in to Member Connect, you'll see a closed padlock icon on your browser window. This means your web traffic is encrypted. But you should ensure you're viewing the page you intended to visit. 

No matter what device you're using, your session will automatically time out after a set period of inactivity or if you forget to log off. This way no one can make unauthorized transactions in your account. You can be sure we're protecting you even when you're not thinking about it.

Information sent to your smartphone

For added security, we can send alerts and notifications about your account to your smartphone. Your account numbers are never included on two-way text messages or notifications sent to you from us.

Fraud monitoring

The Credit Union uses a combination of internal and external methods to detect and combat account fraud. Your online and card transactions are monitored in real-time, and web logs are reviewed daily. We also:

  • Use multiple firewalls, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-Trojan systems, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.
  • Perform regular independent, external audits.
  • Use third-party vulnerability testing on our systems and network.
  • Work to bring down fraudulent sites.
  • Constantly monitor fraudulent networks that try to obtain card and credential information, then make it available for sale in underground markets.

With these efforts, you can be sure our security measures constantly evolve to combat the latest threats. We’re hard at work 24/7 keeping your accounts safe.

Next Steps

It’s important to us that you feel secure.