Political Action

One of the benefits of being a United States citizen is the opportunity to participate in the public political forum. Because our members come from different walks of local governments, LGFCU has a unique perspective on political action. We intently believe in the value of community involvement and supporting our representative style of government. Since this is the arena in which our members live and work, we believe we should be a part of the policy-shaping process that affects us all.

For this reason, LGFCU will update members on relevant legislation, new public policies and events that affect you. We will report on national and state news. We will share insight on regulatory matters as well as substantive laws that have the greatest impact on the Credit Union. LGFCU will remain focused on consumers and our members.

We are not alone. LGFCU is a member of the North Carolina Credit Union League. The League is a trade association for credit unions in the state. One of the roles of the League is to advocate friendly legislation for members. The League works on behalf of LGFCU and other credit unions to help community leaders understand the Credit Union distinction.

On a national level, LGFCU is a member of the Credit Union National Association and the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Both organizations provide operational support and training for member credit unions. A big part of each group is to further legislation and regulations that help credit unions serve their members better. After all, it’s the members and the local community who ultimately benefit from a strong credit union.

You should know there are some activities in which LGFCU will not engage. We will not endorse candidates or political parties. We will not contribute to campaigns nor enter into debates outside the realm of Credit Union financial subjects. The Credit Union can make a difference by having a membership that is aware and informed.

We invite your insight as well. If you have questions on where the Credit Union officially stands on an issue, feel welcome to contact us. If we have a position, we’ll share it with you. But you can be sure, if a proposal offers better access to financial services, protects consumers and helps improve the economic lives of our members, we are all for it.

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