A quick stop at the store or the Credit Union were once the norm. Now, COVID-19 has given rise to the need for added safety steps while taking care of everyday needs.

Limited-contact way to shop and pay

Small changes in how you pay for goods may help reduce the spread of the new coronavirus. While it’s best to keep in-store visits to a minimum, a trip may be unavoidable. When you must shop at a retail location, consider paying without handling cash or cards, or touching keypads.

Use a mobile payment option

Mobile payment apps on your wireless device offer a fast and secure way to make purchases whether you are in-store or online. Now your payment app can also help you avoid touching terminals at retail stores. Data charges may apply, so check with your service provider for details.

Check for the contactless pay symbol

If your debit or credit card is enabled to make contactless payments, it’s another way you can tap and pay. Cards showing the contactless symbol allow you to make purchases without inserting or swiping your debit card or credit card. All you’ll have to do is tap the terminal with your contactless card or press your device against the keypad for a few seconds to complete your checkout.

If you don’t have the option of using a digital wallet or contactless card and have to insert your card in an in-store payment terminal, use a cotton-tipped swab or wear disposable gloves to press buttons on the keypad.

Once your transaction is complete, add your gloves or your cotton swab to a plastic grocery bag or resealable plastic bag to hold the used items until you can dump them in a trash can. Then wipe down your card with a disinfecting wipe that contains at least 70% isopropyl alcohol or with hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

Limit ATM surface contact

Similar to taking steps to reduce your virus exposure while shopping, consider a few safety precautions when using the ATM. With branch lobbies closed, you can perform nearly all the same transactions at a CashPoints® ATM. Before using the machine, clean the keypad with a disinfecting wipe.

Wear disposable gloves or use a cotton-tipped swab to touch the keypad when making a transaction. When you’re done, put your used items in the trash. Then clean your hands with sanitizer. Upon returning home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, as a preventative measure.

Protect yourself and others

Extra preparation helps you check out faster and stay safe. You’ll spend less time at a crowded location since you don’t have to enter your PIN or touch a pen to sign for a transaction. Per the CDC, fewer cash transactions also mean less chance of catching or spreading germs from one person to the next.

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