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By adding your credit and debit cards into a mobile payment app, you can pay for goods and services with your phone just as if you were swiping or inserting your card. This becomes your digital wallet, giving you everything you need for shopping all in one place. In addition to convenience, there are four more good reasons to use a mobile payment app.

Convenient way to pay

Paying for goods and services has never been more convenient than with using a mobile payment system. By using either Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay or Google Pay™, you can leave your cards and cash at home and use your phone to pay for the things you need. Plus, mobile payment apps may help reduce the risk associated with carrying cash, which can be lost or stolen. And paying with your mobile wallet is often easier and faster than swiping or inserting a card.

Secure way to pay

Mobile payment apps allow you to use your cell phone to make in-store purchases. These apps use technology called Near-Field Communication (NFC) so you can tap or wave your phone to pay at the POS terminal.

Generally, the apps use either encryption or protected code to reduce the threat to your personal data. Your real card number is never stored on your device or with the retailer. Instead, the system masks your card number by assigning a random number or token for each purchase. This way if a criminal does gain access to store data or your device, they only get useless information. This offers a greater level of security for your financial data.

Also, you can add fingerprint, password or PIN as an additional layer of security for your phone.

Faster way to pay 

Simply tap, pay and go. With mobile pay systems, you simply wave or tap your phone in front of an NFC compatible terminal. With this single action, you’ve approved the transaction. This results in a contactless, yet secure transaction since your card number is never revealed. Plus, this process is often faster than inserting or swiping your physical card. Contact your wireless carrier, as data charges may apply if you’re using mobile pay.

More places to pay 

Many retailers accept mobile pay, with more and more stores adding this technology daily. Mobile payment researchers believe the number of stores is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Always able to pay

The first card you add to the app becomes your default first payment option. You can change your default card at any time. It’s a good idea to default to the one you use most, regardless whether it’s your LGFCU Visa® Credit Card, LGFCU Visa® Check Card or another card.

Since your default card is always available, using a mobile payment app means no more searching for cash or, worse, running out of cash when you’re ready to make a purchase. Plus, by adding your credit card as the default card, you only have one credit card bill to pay each month, which can make it easier to manage your finances.

It’s easy to add your LGFCU card and make it your preferred way to pay. Watch one of our how-to videos and in 54 seconds you’ll learn how to add your card to any Apple or Samsung phone with a digital wallet.

The advice provided is for informational purposes only.

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