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Life at LGFCU

What drives the entire team at LGFCU is the desire to serve the people who protect and serve our local communities, so they can focus on what matters most to them. No matter what role you play here at LGFCU, at the end of the day you’ll know your work has made a difference in the lives of North Carolina families.

Our leadership

Maurice Smith

Maurice R. Smith
Chief Executive Officer
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Mark Caverly

Mark Caverly
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Garland Avent

Garland Avent
Chief Financial Officer
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Ashley Ruffin

Ashley Ruffin
Chief Strategy Officer
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Dayatra Matthews

Dayatra Matthews
Chief Legal Officer/Legal Counsel
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We are mission-driven, thoughtful and we take our jobs seriously. As a team, we share the values of giving back to our communities and putting our members first above all. Those values are reflected in the way we work and the pride we feel in coming in to the office every day.



“Not only does the culture here value your personal family, they want you to get to know and enjoy your fellow employees as well.”

Bryan, Vice President, Legal and Compliance


“The culture within my department is one that promotes discussions, collaboration and teamwork. As a group, we push each other to be the best we can be for our members.”

Kayla, Digital Marketing Strategist


"We are challenged to think, make decisions, and come up with new and better ways of doing things to benefit our members."

Brandon, Vice President, Experience Center


“The culture is very open; there's a lot of transparency and people are just here to help people.”

Courtney, Enterprise Application Manager


While we have a lot in common, there isn’t one "typical" LGFCU employee. Our team reflects the diverse population of North Carolina: people who grew up here and people from away, western barbecue lovers and eastern barbecue lovers. Each one of us brings a different thought process, which enhances the overall decision-making. All of us work side by side to bring our unique perspectives together for one purpose — to improve the lives of our members.


“It’s important to me to work for a place where women are a part of the leadership as well as people who look like me.”

Crystal, Content Strategist

Staff member

“It is so beneficial to work in a diverse environment that’s reflected in our membership base. For me diversity is essential in day-to-day interactions and it helps me to be more knowledgeable about life in general.”

Lauren, Strategic Partnership Manager


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