[MUSIC PLAYING] If you want an easy way to manage your money, you'll find it here with LGFCU's online bill pay. Here, you can check your account balance, then quickly view which payments are scheduled, and which have been paid. Plus, by entering all of your payment information into one secure location, you won't have to worry about entering your account number into multiple third party websites.

To use online bill pay, you'll need an LGFCU checking account. To get started, visit, and log into Member Connect with your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the Forgot Password link, and following the prompts. If you still need help, call the contact center at 888.732.8562.

After enrolling in BillPay, and adding payees, you'll need to choose who to pay, and when from your list of companies. To schedule one-time payments, click on the BillPay tab, then click on the One-Time Payments link. To schedule recurring payments, click on the Recurring Payments link. From here, you may add payments to companies like your mortgage lender that receive the same amount every month.

From the Add One-Time Payments page, you can set up many individual payments as you need to. Read the summary provided about sending payments, then in the box below, click the drop down box to choose a payee you wish to send a payment to. You can choose to write a note about this payment in the memo section. It will only be seen by you.

In the next column, you'll need to select the send date for your payment. This is the actual date you want LGFCU to send your payment. Remember, that in some cases, you'll need to allow extra time for the Credit Union to prepare, and mail a check to your payee. Please allow five business days after the send date for payments sent by check, and two business days for items sent electronically.

A C beside the payee name indicates a paper check will be mailed, an E means the payment will be sent electronically. The first available date for payment will automatically appear in the calendar window. If you want to schedule an alternate day, click the calendar icon. A new window will open, allowing you to choose your preferred payment date.

With your payment date selected, you'll need to add a payment amount. At the bottom, select your checking account where funds will be withdrawn, then click Continue. A pop-up box will display the payments entered. Verify the number of payments entered, and the total dollar amount. Repeat these steps for each payee. Click the OK button to view your pending payments.

You have successfully made your first bill payment online. If you need additional help with paying bills online, or if you have questions about your account, call the Contact Center at 888.732.8562. LGFCU is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, and is an equal housing opportunity lender.


The situations described in this video are for informational purposes only and meant to provide examples of the products and services LGFCU offers to its members, which may be subject to approval. Contact a financial advisor or legal or tax professional for additional guidance.

LGFCU is an equal housing opportunity lender and federally insured by NCUA.