[MUSIC PLAYING] Do any of you have money?

I'm out of dollars.

OK. So everybody here has a little bit of money, right? OK. So how did you get your money?


So now, what kind of chores do you have to do to get money?

My papa asks me to sweep the deck and he'll give me at least one or two dollars.

I have to clean my room, set the table and wash the dishes.




That is gross.

So wait. If you don't do your chores, you don't get any money, right?

I don't care.

OK. So now, when you guys get this money, do you just stick it under your pillow?

No. I put it in a piggy bank.

You put it in a piggy bank?

Or a treasure chest.

For a treasure-- a treasure chest?

That's what I have.

Instead of a piggy bank, you could just deposit it in a regular bank.

Credit unions are better than banks, because they cost less money than a bank to keep your money at.

A Fat Cat Account. A Fat Cat Account.


How much money would be a lot of money for you?

Probably $300 or $200.

OK. $300 or $200. What about you?

That's 27 zeros. Or if that's not a word. A quintillion, which has 15 zeros.

I don't know if I could spell that. So now, when you guys use your money, do you use it to buy stuff that you want or stuff that you need?


Want and need.

I would probably do one work. 'Cause you might lose your teeth.

Yeah. You could lose your teeth. If you lose your teeth, do you need more teeth? Or do you want more teeth?

You need more teeth.


I'd be tired of drinking chicken broth and mandarin oranges.

But mandarin oranges are good though.

I like mandarin oranges too.

I can actually eat those whole.

Yeah, you can eat them whole.


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