It’s National Credit Union Youth Month!

Now’s the perfect time to help the children and teens in your life take steps toward smart money habits. Celebrate with LGFCU throughout the month of April — we’re here to help families teach positive saving and spending lessons that can last a lifetime.

Fun ways to talk about money

Money is a fact of life. By teaching your children simple money concepts as they grow, they'll learn how to manage it successfully. Download these fun activity sheets to complete with your children, and use them to launch important at-home conversations on spending and saving.

Children will have a lifelong relationship with money. Make it a positive one, by teaching them simple money concepts as they grow.

Aim Fall 2021 activity sheet Aim spring 2021 activity sheet Aim fall 2020 activity sheet Aim spring 2020 activity sheet Aim winter 2019 activity sheet Aim fall 2019 activity sheet Aim summer 2019 activity sheet Aim spring 2019 activity sheet

Add life experience to the lessons

Bring these money lessons to life by showing your children how to save, starting today! Your Credit Union offers FAT CAT® Accounts for kids up to age 12. For ages 13 to 19, our Zard Account can bring in new skills like using a checking account, debit card and credit cards.