LGFCU CEO Maurice Smith, 29-year member

As a kid, I must admit not appreciating the constant work demands. As an adult, I realize the gift of work ethics my parents taught me along the way.

Farm work was hard, but a rewarding livelihood. There were always chores to complete, animals to feed, and crops to tend. The work started before sunrise and often continued past sunset.

An advantage of farm life was the connection we had to our food.

Some restaurants promote “farm-to-table” menus. The benefit of knowing how your food is planted, cultivated and prepared is satisfying. You want to know your food is safe and responsibly sourced.

The same can be said for the financial services we consume. It matters who serves you and how the resources for financial products are sourced. You see, all money is not the same.

Money can be empowering. Financial services allow us to leverage our ability to buy the things we need, save for the future, and be resilient against life’s slumps.

The right financial products help us get ahead. The wrong financial providers can be harmful. Institutions that get their money from price gouging sources tend to take advantage of consumers.

Your Credit Union practices a farm-to-table approach to financial services. You know exactly where your money originated and where it goes. There are no preservatives or additives in the form of unhealthy stockholders. You get access to financial products that are pure and designed just for you.

Here’s what we mean by this: Members provide the resources to help their Credit Union serve fellow members. There are no outside investors whose interests run contrary to your needs. Credit Union services are grown for and by members.

At the Credit Union, it is always harvesting time. This is because we are available to help you with your financial needs in every season.

LGFCU CEO Maurice Smith
29-year member