If you are a North Carolina local government employee or volunteer, you can join Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) by opening a Share Account. It’s a dividend-earning savings account that’s the foundation of every membership and represents your ownership in the Credit Union.

Who can join LGFCU?

We are the first statewide Credit Union exclusively serving North Carolina’s local government employees and volunteers, elected and appointed officials, and their families.

If you are an employee or volunteer with any of the following, you qualify for membership:

  • ABC Boards and store employees
  • Authorities (airport, housing, transit, water and sewer)
  • Commissions (planning, economic development)
  • Councils of Government
  • Districts (sanitation, soil, water conservation)
  • Emergency management services, including fire and rescue, law enforcement and volunteer fire departments
  • Hospitals (see list)
  • Libraries
  • Local government associations
  • North Carolina county governments
  • North Carolina municipalities including cities, towns and villages
  • Parks and recreation departments

Additional ways you can become a member

We also extend membership to people who are associated with local government employees and volunteers. You are eligible for membership if you are a(n):

  • Contract employee in a local government unit 
  • Elected or appointed government official
  • Foster parent
  • Immediate family member of an LGFCU member, including spouse, children, grandchildren, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, stepchildren, stepparents, and stepsiblings
  • Person living in the same residence and maintaining a single household unit with an LGFCU member
  • Retiree from North Carolina local government
  • Spouse of a deceased person who was eligible for membership

What you will need to apply

  • A completed application.
  • Current driver’s license or official state photo ID.
  • Proof of qualifying status, which may include a signed form from your HR department or your volunteer manager, or a pay stub from your employer.
  • Minimum deposit of $25 to open a Share Savings Account.

If you are joining as a family or household member of a current LGFCU member, please also bring the member’s account number or proof of LGFCU membership.

LGFCU member David H.
From young folks to new employees, it’s amazing how many people can join LGFCU. And then their children, spouses and family can also join the Credit Union.
David H. Catawba

I’m joining LGFCU. Why do I go to an SECU branch?

While LGFCU and SECU are two separate credit unions, we’ve partnered so our members can enjoy the full services of SECU’s branches and the convenience of its ATM network.

You’re a member for life!

Once you're a member of LGFCU, you are always a member, regardless of retirement or subsequent employment. Simply maintain the minimum balance of $25 in your Share Account and continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member-owner.

Next Steps

Want to know more about us? Find out why you should become a member of LGFCU. If you’re ready to apply now: