Track your expenses

[MUSIC PLAYING] Have you ever gotten a credit card or account statement and wondered how you could have spent so much in one month? Tracking expense is easy way to tell what you spent across your accounts. It's easy to purchase items and forget how much you spent and what you've bought. Here are a few tips to help you stay aware of your purchases.

Make sure you get a receipt so you have a paper trail of expenses. Check your receipts for accuracy. Shop with a list to reduce impulse buying. Be aware of small purchases that add up quickly, like apps, fast food, and coffee on the go. And use a financial management tool on your mobile device to help you track charges.

Compass, a money management resource from Local Government Federal Credit Union, makes it easy for members to track expenses, view transactions, and receive budget alerts. Compass is complimentary for members and can help you stay aware of your expenses so you're not surprised when the statement rolls in. Get on track at

LGFCU is an equal housing opportunity lender and federally insured by NCUA.


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LGFCU is an equal housing opportunity lender and federally insured by NCUA.