Thank you from your LGFCU President

In 2018, when Forbes worked with an outside agency to identify the best credit unions in the nation, they interviewed the very people who are most impacted by credit unions — their members.

And in North Carolina, our members felt so strongly about LGFCU that they gave us very high marks. So high, in fact, that we earned the distinction of being the number one credit union in North Carolina, and the number three credit union in the nation.

That honor humbled us and reminded us all of the great responsibility we have to serve our members.

In 2019, history repeated itself when LGFCU was again ranked the state’s number one credit union.

For us, this accolade isn’t about bragging rights. Instead, the “Best Credit Union in State” recognition tells us that our members trust us, they appreciate the products and services we offer, and most importantly, they believe we have their best interests in mind.

Sure, we’re proud to be recognized by Forbes. But the biggest accolade of all is that our members know we’re serving them well.

From all of us at LGFCU, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.