The Real Deal interactive financial experience

Sometimes just telling your kids about money and budgeting isn’t enough. Let them experience The Real Deal for themselves.

LGFCU’s The Real Deal is a fun way to help teens (grades 8-12) learn how much life really costs. Students learn to manage their money using real-life scenarios. They are given a detailed profile with income and occupation information. Based on that profile they “shop” for life’s everyday necessities like a car, home, cellphone and more. They’ll have to make decisions on what to buy and what to do without — just like real adults!

No child at home? Adult volunteers are needed to act as mortgage lenders, retail store clerks, car salespeople and more. Email if you would like to volunteer.

While the kids “shop,” parents can chat with Credit Union staff who will be on hand to answer their money questions. Staff will also be available to talk to teens about how to apply their new money management skills.

Sign up now for The Real Deal in Burlington on October 10, 2018, and help get kids on the right financial track before adulthood!

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