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Not only can you check LGFCU accounts via the Web from your smart phone or other mobile device, you can also receive and send text messages regarding your accounts. Whether you want to be notified instantly about specific account activity or get basic information about your account, it's fast at your fingertips. And signing up is easy.

Two-way Text Messaging

With two-way Text Messaging you receive current account balance or history notifications via text message. You must have an active mobile device, which will be validated when you sign up.

This demo works in all modern web browsers. Play text messaging demo

How to use Text Messaging

  1. Select a command from the list provided for the body of your text message:
      BAL - Current balance
      HIST - Last three posted transactions
      BOTH - Both current balance and last three posted transactions
      CMD - List of commands
      HELP - For more information
      STOP - To terminate the service
  2. Send your text to 627328.
  3. You'll receive a text message with your requested account information.

Text Alerts

Sign up to receive specific account notifications via text message on your mobile device or online using Member Connect secure email.

The Credit Union offers two types text alerts. You may register for more than one type for each deposit account.

Non-account specific alert


In Member Connect, create unique account nicknames for each of your accounts to help distinguish between accounts of the same type.

  • New e-statement alert - Receive a notification when your e-statement is available on Member Connect.

Account-specific alerts

  • Deposit - Receive a notification if a deposit was posted to your account last night.
  • Low balance - Receive a notification if your beginning of day balance, after last night's posted transactions, is less than a set threshold.
  • Non-sufficient funds (NSF) - Receive a notification when an NSF charge has posted to your checking account.
  • Overdraft - Receive a notification when overdraft protection has posted a deposit to your checking account.
  • Withdrawal - Receive a notification if a withdrawal was posted to your account last night.

Note: Delays in receiving your messages may occur depending on your wireless carrier. Text messaging fees may be assessed by your service provider. The Credit Union will never ask for specific account information or send scam notifications by way of text message or email.

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