New mobile payment option added

April 3, 2017

Have an LGFCU debit or credit card and want to use Microsoft Wallet to pay for stuff? Now you can!

We recently expanded our mobile payments to include a fifth option. If you have a compatible Microsoft phone running Windows 10, you can use the Microsoft Wallet app to pay for items at a retail location.

First you’ll need to add your LGFCU Visa® Check Card and your Visa Credit Card to the phone. Next, make one of the cards the default form of payment. Visit the Microsoft Wallet site for more details on how to add cards to this digital wallet app. Then you’re all set to use your smartphone to pay anywhere you see the Microsoft Wallet logo.

Secure convenience

Mobile payment apps differ in how they keep your information safe, but all of them use either encryption or protected code to reduce the threat to your personal data. Many take additional security measures like not storing entire card numbers and including easy app disabling if your card or device is ever lost or stolen.

Visit Mobile and Online Payments to see all our options for paying online, in-app, and in-store.

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