LGFCU CEO Maurice Smith: North Carolina will storm back

September 19, 2018

Local government employees lead the charge

We’ve seen the true spirit of North Carolina local governments rise whenever our citizens are faced with hardships. This latest challenge has come in the form of Hurricane Florence. Once again, North Carolina communities are confronted with a natural disaster that has disrupted lives and homes.

We say it all the time: Local government folks are wonderful. You offer vital public services. You tirelessly seek innovative ways to create opportunities and affordable housing, and to ensure a safe environment. You are the unsung heroes of our neighborhoods. I think there is so much to you that makes you even more special.

Local government officials and volunteers are unique because of your commitment to the community. You possess a dogged grit to help our neighbors in times of trials. When the hurricane hit, you united and supported us all.

Hurricane hits home for many

The effects of Hurricane Florence have been devastating for many. The storm dumped a massive amount of rain on our communities. Lives are lost, homes are destroyed, families are displaced and jobs are interrupted. The emotional impact alone has likely taken a toll on some.

This storm hit home personally. My mother lives in Southport, North Carolina. After some pestering, she was convinced to evacuate before the storm’s arrival. Thank God she heeded the warning. Her home seems to have weathered the storm well. We now worry about her neighbors who remained. She is anxious to return home. I say let’s wait until we get the all-clear from our local government officials.

Turn to LGFCU for help

This is the time when you should count on your Credit Union to be here for you. We expect some of you may face financial hardships. You may need some extra cash to replace household goods or repair your home. If you have a Credit Union loan and need a little extra time to make a payment, talk to us. If you need copies of records to substantiate an insurance claim, we will try to expedite your requests. If you want a shoulder to cry on, we will be here for that too.

We are working in concert with our partner, State Employees’ Credit Union, to respond to your needs. This is how we show our compassion and resolve. We recognize that we are ONE Credit Union community. When one suffers, we all feel the pinch. This is the spirit that binds us and strengthens your membership.

When we are united, there is no storm that can hold North Carolina back. Together, we will pick up the pieces and heal our communities.

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Maurice R. Smith
Chief Executive Officer

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