Internet connectivity issues block access to some websites

October 21, 2016

Three major attacks on an internet company today caused widespread connectivity issues across the United States. The disruption in internet traffic makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for users to access websites like Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Etsy and others. Local Government Federal Credit Union’s website is available, but members may be temporarily unable to reach the site as a result of the attacks. Rest assured your personal data remains secure.

The distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) was targeted at Dyn, an internet infrastructure company. Dyn offers Domain Name System (DNS) services, which essentially acts as a phone book for the Internet.

DNS establishes a connection between the URL you type in to your browser, and the matching IP address computers use to find and connect with the right servers. This connection allows browsers to show webpages. A DDoS attack overwhelms a DNS server with so many requests, the connection cannot be completed.

Dyn is actively working to resolve the connectivity issues. If you experience problems connecting to LGFCU, please wait a little while and try reconnecting again later.

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