These are unsettling times for our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has us wondering how to remain safe and protected from a threat we cannot see. Our lives are disrupted. Our local businesses are affected by closures. Our children seek answers to questions about what all this means.

The one thing that remains certain is our reliance on the resilience of our communities.

Our North Carolina communities are strong because of the dedication of our hometown heroes. To our way of thinking, a hero is one who sacrifices to help others. Our Credit Union is proud to serve the heroes who serve you. For this reason, we make this shout-out to all the special folks in our neighborhoods.

We call out first responders for your bravery and commitment to us. Us is all the people around you who rely on your professionalism, training and availability to meet a growing menace. You are the firefighters, law enforcement and medical personnel who dot our landscape. We marvel at the kind of courage it takes to put yourself on the frontline every day for your colleagues and community. God bless you all for your service.

Hometown heroes are local government employees and officials who work tirelessly to provide public services in times like these. Coronavirus or not, government must continue to aid our citizens. We do not take you for granted for one moment. We appreciate you and are so very grateful for your diligence.

Heroes are also ordinary citizens who volunteer to do the little things to make our communities the wonderful places they are. We see you. You are the ones who knock on the doors of a neighbor you have not seen in a couple of days to check on her. You are the ones who caringly watch over neighborhood kids playing in the streets in front of your homes. You are the ones who bring a meal to others who lack transportation.

This is not a time to try and sell you on Credit Union products. There are more important things on your mind these days. If we can help ease your burdens, by all means contact us. We remain available. Life will return to normal someday. Until then, we are here for you.

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