Dividend on Escrow Account

All LGFCU mortgages automatically include an escrow account that pays dividends. You don't have to do anything extra!


  • Earn money on the funds to pay property tax and homeowner's insurance
  • Make monthly budgeting easier

How escrow accounts work

Each month, when you make the principal and interest payment on your mortgage, you also pay 1/12 of the estimated annual property tax and homeowner’s insurance premium. For biweekly mortgage payments, you pay 1/26 of the estimated annual property taxes and insurance premium with each payment.

These funds are placed in the escrow account where they generate dividends at the Share Account rate.

View Deposit Rate Sheet (PDF)

Annual escrow analysis

Every year on the anniversary date of your loan you will receive a statement of the previous year's escrow activity on your mortgage. This statement will reflect an escrow analysis of your taxes and insurance and let you know of any payment change resulting from the analysis.


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