Holiday Cash Club

The Holiday Cash Club Account lets you save money throughout the year for holiday shopping!

  • No minimum deposit required to open
  • No service charge
  • Use Payroll Deduction or Funds Transfer
  • Access account for inquiries or transfers via ATM, Member Connect, 24-Hour Voice Response Service or the Contact Center 
  • Deposits can be made through October
  • Dividends compounded daily and paid on the last business day in October
  • Rate determined by the Board of Directors and subject to change daily.
cash box

Get your holiday cash!

On the last business day in October:
  • Accrued dividends will be paid.
  • The balance of the account will be automatically transferred to the checking, share or money market share account you choose.

Early withdrawals

  • Early withdrawals must be processed through a local branch or the Contact Center.
  • Early withdrawals must be for the entire amount of the account.
  • Following an early withdrawal, no further deposits will be allowed to the account until November 2.

Skip the after holiday headache. Save ahead!

Holiday Cash Club
Rate: 0.25
Min. Balance: $25
APY: 0.25
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APY: Annual Percentage Yield
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