Compass: Money management from LGFCU

Compass is a complimentary service to LGFCU members that gives you  control over all of your financial information.

Visualize your spending

Compass creates vivid, easy-to-understand charts and graphs of your finances. Since it keeps everything up-to-date automatically, making comparisons or seeing your goals progress over time is simple. You'll easily find what you need to know.

  • View accounts - From LGFCU and other financial institutions.
  • Track spending - Clearly see the categories where you spend the most.
  • Create budgets* - Make a plan and follow your progress.
  • Manage debt - Take control and plan ways to pay down debt.
  • Review transactions - In one place, from all your accounts.
  • Net worth* - Track your assets in 12-month increments.
  • Cash Flow - Forecasts what cash you may have on hand based on history.

* These tools are currently available in desktop version only.

Member Stories

Kerry S., Charlotte
Compass helped me start a savings plan. I have never been much of a saver because I could never find the money. After viewing the videos on Compass, I was reminded that if I don't see the money coming out, I won't miss it. This works for me, and even though it's not much, I love the feeling of now being able to save.

Gloria G., Reidsville
I’m a visual learner and Compass has helped me actually "see" exactly where our money is going each month! I’m surprised at the amount of money we are actually wasting each month! My current goal is to use Compass to help our savings account increase, along with creating a real budget and making a financial commitment to stay within the budgeted amount for each category. Thanks for the tutorials as well!

How does Compass work?

Compass pulls together transactions from all of your online credit union, banking, investment and retirement accounts—even those that aren't with LGFCU.

Gentle guidance along the way.

Compass becomes your financial GPS with built-in tools that guide you through the process of making a plan for your money.

Secure? You're covered.

You can be confident that your information is protected with the best technology available. Compass uses two-factor authentication, an advanced security procedure that verifies your identity through two separate methods of contact.

When you sign up for email or text alerts, you can control the type of alert you want to receive. Compass lets you customize your account alerts notifying you if you have a large deposit, large purchase, low balance, been charged a fee, or exceeded your budget. Your alerts can be as simple or detailed as you need. You choose.

Mobile convenience.

The Compass app is available for Android™ on Google Play™ and on the App Store. Find out how to activate your Compass mobile account. 

Want to know more? Our most frequently asked Compass questions has your answers.

Next Steps

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Two-factor authentication is currently available in desktop version only.

‡ Depending on your wireless service provider, you may sometimes experience delays in receiving alerts. Data and text messaging fees may apply; please check with your service provider. LGFCU does not charge for Compass text alert service.

Compass is powered by MoneyDesktop.

Depending on your wireless service provider, you may sometimes experience delays in receiving alerts. Data and text messaging fees may apply; please check with your service provider. LGFCU does not charge for Compass text alert service.

Alerts sent may not be delivered if your phone is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time. Even within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of the Credit Union and/or your wireless carrier may interfere with message delivery, including your mobile device equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage and weather. While we will make efforts to initiate all alerts in a timely manner, we cannot control all external factors necessary for you to receive the alerts and as such you should not rely only on the alerts to maintain awareness of the status of your accounts. The Credit Union cannot assume liability for any negative consequences related to you not receiving Compass text alerts. By enrolling in alerts you acknowledge that alerts may not be timely received and that the Credit Union and your wireless carrier do not guarantee that alerts will be delivered.

Alerts are for information purposes only and will not contain specific account information or personally identifiable information such as your account number. Funds availability is subject to the individual’s Financial Institutions Rules and Regulations. Contact your financial institution for more information on their funds availability policies.

Security Note: The Credit Union will never request specific account information (such as account numbers or passwords) via text or email. We will also never send scam notifications requesting you to confirm information. If you should receive such a request, please contact us immediately.