Rescue/EMS Debit Card

LGFCU now has a Visa® Debit Card exclusively for North Carolina rescue and emergency medical service (EMS) workers. It's LGFCU's way of helping the North Carolina Association of Rescue & Emergency Medical Services (NCAR&EMS) generate funds to help the people who serve our communities.

Donate while you shop

ems card

Every time you make a purchase with your NCAR&EMS Visa Debit Card, LGFCU donates 50% of its share of the net merchant's fee to NCAR&EMS to fund training, health insurance, pensions, disability income and scholarships.

Almost no cost to you

There's no fee to make purchases or ATM transactions and no cost for the contribution to NCAR&EMS. Just use your card as you normally would. The checking account has a low monthly maintenance fee of just $1.00.

Swipe it!

Your NCAR&EMS Visa Debit Card can be used at more than 1,000 CashPoints® ATMs across the state or anywhere you see the Visa logo displayed worldwide. The special design shows who you are; and family members can get their own custom card, too.

Station cards

If your station is a non-profit, it can get a dedicated station card to use for gas, food or any station needs. These everyday purchases could generate much-needed funding for the Association.

Need to join?

If you're not an LGFCU member and want the NCAR&EMS Visa Debit Card, stop by your local branch and make the switch:

  1. Open a basic membership account for only $25.
  2. Open your new dividend-earning LGFCU Checking Account.
  3. Stop using your old checking account.
  4. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments to the new LGFCU account.
  5. Close your former account.

Already a member? Ask for your card today!

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