Cardholder Travel Information

Unfortunately debit and credit card fraud happens even when you're enjoying vacation or traveling for business. Together, you and LGFCU can take precautions to minimize or prevent fraud.

Things to do before and during travel

  • Notify the Credit Union of extensive domestic or international travel
  • Find out about potential international fraud blocks before you travel
  • Make sure your PIN is valid
  • Verify your card will not expire while you are away
  • Carry an additional payment method e.g. another debit or credit card
  • Pack your payment methods in different locations
  • Stay alert for pick pockets
  • Photocopy all cards front and back and keep copies on hand
  • Keep the Credit Union's contact number 888.732.8562 with you. (Dial the country code first if overseas.)

Permanent blocks and limited access

The Credit Union has permanent blocks or limited access for using our debit and credit cards in the countries listed below. Call the Contact Center or your local branch for details about these restrictions or to have the blocks removed for the duration of your travel.

Current Blocks
Brazil No transactions allowed
Malaysia No transactions allowed
Pakistan Limited access
Romania No transactions allowed
Spain Limited access
Thailand Limited access
Turkey No transactions allowed
Ukraine Limited access

The U.S. Department of State website offers a buffet of information on international travel including warnings and alerts.


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