Card Safety

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Call LGFCU immediately if your MemberCard or PIN is lost or stolen!

Toll Free: 888.732.8562 or
In Raleigh: 919.857.2150

Use your card responsibly

Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at all times. Memorize your PIN and destroy the paper or store it in a safe place, separate from where you keep your card.

  • Never give your PIN to another person.
  • If your card is lost, stolen, or being used fraudulently report it to LGFCU immediately.
  • Keep your ATM and Check Card receipts until you receive your next statement.
  • Always know how much money you have available in your account.
  • Write down each ATM and purchase transaction just as you would a check.
  • Keep your receipts in the same place for easy retrieval.
  • Guard your PIN! It's your money.

Four tips for ATM safety:

  1. Be cautious
    • Be alert to your surroundings.
    • Use another ATM if you feel uncomfortable.
    • Stay in well-lit areas.
    • Lock all your vehicle doors at drive-up ATMs.
  2. Be confidential
    • Memorize your PIN.
    • Don't leave receipts at ATM.
    • Be aware of people looking over your shoulder.
  3. Be prepared
    • Have your card ready.
    • Put cash away quickly.
    • Fill out a deposit envelope in advance.
  4. Be responsible
    • Cut up and discard old cards.
    • Never leave them unattended.
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