How LGFCU Protects You

LGFCU uses the latest technology to ensure that your accounts and your information are safe and secure at all times.


LGFCU uses the strongest recommended encryption solution provided by security industry expert Symantec. Encryption protects electronic data and makes it difficult to be understood by anyone except authorized parties. That’s why all pages of the and within Member Connect begin with "https" instead of "http". A closed padlock on your browser window indicates a secure and authentic connection.

Using Member Connect

We protect the Member Connect sign-on field information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, and an automated session time-out feature offers additional security.

Your identity is verified with Intelligent Defense Check (ID Check). ID Check verifies user identity during sign on and includes the following components:

Access signature

  • Includes physical location, Internet connection, operating system, etc.
  • Compares stored and current signatures during sign on

Security questions

  • Member-provided answers to a brief series of questions that may be completed online or at a local branch.
  • Information that is known to you but that would be difficult for an unauthorized user to guess.

ID Check questions may sometimes be used by Credit Union staff before processing transactions or to complete select online transactions when you contact us.

We also allow you to select a unique, alphanumeric user ID and password instead of generating one for you, which adds another layer of security. Read more about creating a secure password.

Mobile access to Member Connect

Whether you choose to check your accounts using Member Connect by computer or web-enabled phone, LGFCU uses the same security features and standards. Mobile access offers some additional security features, including a shorter time-out for your session and limiting bill payments to existing payees only.

No personal account information is ever stored on your phone. So, if you lose your phone or mobile device, this will not jeopardize security or access to your account.

Fraud monitoring and detection

To monitor and detect fraud, LGFCU uses leading forensic technology that identifies threats before they become issues including:

  • Branding protection to guard against site spoofing (fake websites that "look" like LGFCU's)
  • Multi-factor identification verification (ID Check)
  • Monitoring threats against LGFCU's servers
  • Daily web log review
  • Independent, external audits of security measures
  • Implementing solutions that constantly evolve to combat the latest security threats

Next Steps

It’s important to us that you feel secure.

  • Learn more about protecting yourself from account fraud.
  • Call 888.732.8562 if you have questions.